REGISTER NOW: 13 MARCH 2024 for “Human-robot collaboration and AI – hype or reality?”

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In collaboration with fellow EU-funded projects: AI-PRISM, CONVERGINGFELICE and FLUENTLY, we invite you to join and contribute to the “Human-robot collaboration and AI – hype or reality? From pilots to best practices” workshop during the 15th edition of the European Robotics Forum, to be held on 13 March 2024 in Rimini, Italy.

Collaborative robots remain a focal point in Industry 5.0. They are viewed as promising tools to alleviate both physical and mental stress to lower the skill barrier for workers and to boost productivity. As novel human-robot collaboration (HRC) applications emerge, the discourse is shifting towards understanding and consolidating best practices. As a follow-up to last year´s workshop “Human-robot collaboration & AI in challenging industrial applications”, this workshop shifts the focus from generic to specific use case scenarios. Following a bottom-up approach, real use cases will be used to identify the human-centric and societal challenges that come with the adoption of the solutions. The workshop will also explore emerging formal definitions, classifications and standardisations aimed to elevate industry standards and empower workers through HRC. 

The workshop will integrate two expert panels discussing:  

  • Key human-centric challenges
  • HRC best practices and standards

This dual focus ensures a balanced exploration of both social and technical aspects of Human-robot collaboration. Six keynote speakers from academia and industry will share expert knowledge in their impulse talks.

16:30Introduction and icebreaker 
  • Goals and objectives of the workshop 
  • Significance of human-robot collaboration (HRC) and AI in Industry 5.0 
  • Ice-breaker activity 
16:40 Pilot applications of HRC and AI 
  • Real-world case studies of successful HRC and AI integration 
  • Unveiling the intricacies of industries and applications where HRC and AI have demonstrated task comprehension and collaborative decision-making
  • Examining the impact on productivity, worker well-being and skill barrier reduction in cross-cutting scenarios common in different projects
17:00 Challenges and barriers to HRC and AI adoption 
  • Exploration of the primary human-centric challenges faced in the implementation of HRC and AI in industrial settings 
  • Identification of societal challenges and ethical considerations
  • Discussion on barriers hindering widespread adoption and acceptance by the workforce 
17:10Interactive Q&A session with the audience 
17:15 Emerging frameworks  
  • Overview of current developments focused on emerging frameworks for robot programming and HRC application deployment 
  • Programming frameworks 
  • Comprehensive overview of approaches across participating projects 
  • HRC application deployment 
  • General overview and usage examples from the participating projects 
17:30 Future trends, collaborative and standardisation initiatives 
  • Exploration of ongoing efforts to establish unified guidelines for HRC and AI integration 
  • Discussion on potential future trends in standardisation and their implications 
17:40 Interactive Q&A session with the audience 
17:45 Closing remarks and key takeaways 

About the European Robotics Forum (ERF)

The European Robotics Forum (ERF) is the most influential meeting of the robotics community in Europe, spanning academia, industry and society. It aims to foster communication and knowledge transfer and covers technology, applications and the impact of robotics. The ERF provides a podium to discuss recent and future advances in robotics in the context of applications, societal impact, ethical and legal considerations.

Research on the applications of Robotics and AI to the industrial scenario is leading to a very fast-growing innovation in Europe. Thus, it is more and more important to foster the discussion between researchers and industry to create a synergy that will drive the future of research and industrial innovation.

ERF2024 introduces an industrial scientific track for strengthening the scientific component of ERF. Industrial scientific sessions will present the latest results about advanced industrial applications of modern robotics.

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