Networks and sister projects

FLUENTLY redefines the dynamics of collaborative industrial environments by integrating artificial intelligence with human interaction. This innovative synergy is designed to streamline operations and alleviate the cognitive and physical burdens on operators, enhancing both efficiency and safety. FLUENTLY introduces two key elements through the projects

The smart interface revolutionising human-robot communication, this interface allows operators to effortlessly command robots using speech and gestures, adapting robot behaviour in real-time to operator conditions and optimising performance.

The robo-gym: a training and testing facility where humans and robots learn to collaborate. This environment helps robots and operators to adapt seamlessly to each other, improving cooperation and efficiency.

DigiPro Centre is a Norwegian national Centre for digitalisation of the process industry. Members are from industry, technology providers, R&D institutes, universities and cluster/facilitators. New members with interest somewhere in the value chain of process – and processing industry are welcome to apply for membership.

The aim of the Centre is to catalyse the introduction of sustainable smart digital solution and digital competence in Norwegian process- and processing industry. We are following operational principles for achieving a national perception where all members have their place, influence and votes.

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