Efficiency and sustainability redefined in glass fibre manufacturing

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The COGNIMAN project tackles four concrete use cases, derives insights from these applications and translates the findings and solutions into toolboxes which other manufacturers can use to solve their own challenges. This article focuses on the use case from 3B the fibreglass company, a fibreglass manufacturer.

The fibreglass production process involves several steps, including mixing, melting, forming and packaging. However, breaks in the fibres can disrupt the process, leading to defects and waste.

When a glass fibre breaks, it forms a bead which will then affect neighbouring strands, causing more defects. Detecting and dealing with these breaks quickly is crucial, but it’s a challenging task. Currently, operators use microscopes to inspect glass beads manually when a break occurs. This method is time-consuming and inefficient – and only happens after the disruption has happened.

Wanted: early break detection

The COGNIMAN project aims to detect breaks early, automate the classification of breaks and predict them by analysing certain parameters. The advanced system that shall be developed in the project combines sensors and machine learning. This system is to automatically monitor the process and detect breaks without requiring manual inspections.

Greater efficiency

This cutting-edge technology allows operators to respond quickly to breaks. Productivity and efficiency go up and there is less downtime and waste. These factors impact the cost structure of glass fibre production, saving money.

The benefits of solving this challenge in the COGNIMAN project go beyond efficiency. By automating break detection and classification, the system reduces waste and helps increase sustainability in glass fibre manufacturing. With fewer defects and waste, the environmental impact of production is significantly reduced. Additionally, the system enhances the efficiency of recycling glass waste.

Transforming glass fibre production

In summary, the glass fibre manufacturing industry is on the brink of a transformation. The COGNIMAN project works on a solution to the challenges posed by breaks, utilising sensors and machine learning for real-time monitoring and predictive capabilities. This not only improves efficiency but also blazes a trail for a more environmentally responsible future.

About 3B Fibreglass company

3B-the fibreglass company is an innovator and provider of glass fibre to cater to the needs of the automotive and wind sectors and seamlessly integrate into performance composites.

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