Collaboration and Innovation in Robotics: Insights from the 10th Hybrid Production Systems Workshop 

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The recent 10th Hybrid Production Systems workshop held at the European Robotics Forum 2023 served as a platform for collaboration among four projects funded under the same call. With a focus on technical aspects, the workshop covered intelligent handling of materials, flexible materials, Artificial Intelligence (AI), data, robotics and seamless Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC). The AI data and robotics session featured prominent projects, including COGNIMAN, Converging EU Project, AI-PRISM and FLUENTLY, presenting their concepts, objectives, use cases and key challenges. 

Fostering cross-project collaborations 

The workshop emphasised the significance of cross-project collaborations, knowledge sharing and experience exchange in robotics. Recognising the value of collective expertise, the participating projects aim to overcome obstacles together and achieve greater success. The event provided an ideal platform for networking and initiating partnerships, driving innovation and advancements in robotics. 

On the basis of the workshop, the participants will take the next steps towards expanding their collaborative network. By forging alliances with sister projects, COGNIMAN seeks to deepen their understanding, share expertise and collectively overcome barriers to success. The goal is to establish a vibrant collaboration ecosystem, fostering innovation and driving progress in robotics. 

The power of collaboration

This workshop was a testament to the power of collaboration and knowledge exchange in the robotics industry. Through cross-project collaborations and sharing insights, participants like COGNIMAN, Converging EU Project, AI-PRISM and FLUENTLY strive to achieve impactful advancements in the field. By fostering a collaborative network, these projects drive innovation, overcome challenges and collectively push the boundaries of what can be achieved in the dynamic world of robotics. 

Dr Ahmed Nabil Belbachir, Research Director at NORCE

“It was inspiring to witness the growing number of projects dedicated to the convergence of AI, robotics and data, all working towards making a global impact. As a member of COGNIMAN, I take pride in being a part of a team that shares this vision.”
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