COGNIMAN showcases innovative solutions for smart manufacturing at the Manufacturing Partnership Day

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Antonio M. Ortiz, Senior Researcher at NORCE, took the stage at the recent Manufacturing Partnership Day in Brussels to present the Horizon Europe COGNIMAN project. Addressing an attentive audience comprising delegates from diverse industries and research organisations, Antonio shed light on the project’s mission and significance within smart manufacturing.

Antonio M. Ortiz, Senior Researcher at NORCE

The Manufacturing Partnership Day was a brilliant opportunity to network with partners from other projects, especially those with a similar focus as COGNIMAN. In today’s world, having a common goal and driving AI innovation in Europe together are essential. I am proud to be a part of COGNIMAN, which aims to shape the future of smart manufacturing. 

A platform for innovation

The event, hosted by the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) and Made in Europe Partnership, served as a platform for approximately fifty pioneering projects, including COGNIMAN, to share their insights and visions for the future of manufacturing. This gathering not only showcased the latest technological advancements but also fostered invaluable networking opportunities within the industrial manufacturing and innovative technology sectors.

Enhancing difficult-to-automate processes

COGNIMAN brings together 16 partners from seven European countries. The project’s primary objective is to revolutionise labour-intensive manufacturing processes that have historically proven difficult to automate. This includes sectors such as glass fibre production, precision machining, additive manufacturing and large-quantity metal production.

To achieve its goals, COGNIMAN employs an approach that integrates advanced sensors, artificial intelligence and digital twins. Moreover, the project emphasises the crucial role of human collaboration, aiming to enhance interactions between robots and human operators within the manufacturing process. This human-centric focus sets COGNIMAN apart as a project that not only prioritises automation but also seeks to harness the expertise and skills of human workers.

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