COGNIMAN Conversations – with Arkaitz Aranburu

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I am Arkaitz Aranburu from GOIMEK. I am the Head of Innovation Activities at GOIMEK. In our company we are specialised in high precision machining for large-sized parts.

We are the end users and we are providing the end user’s scenario for the different technical developments during the project.

As we are specialised in high precision machining, we have a problem with the parts that appears in all the edges of machine parts. This task is currently handled manually. It’s tedious and very repetitive tasks that from the point of view of ergonomics, working conditions must be improved. And we are worried about that.

They think that it’s really challenging because they are experts. They know very well what to do and how the task is and the quality that they have to achieve. And they see it really challenging. But I think that they are happy with the progress.

As we are the end users, we have been working on the definition of the requirements and we are happy with the progress because the technology partners are working in parallel, developing different aspects for the pilot.

I think that we are adopting new technologies, at least for us. In robotics aspect we need better solutions than the traditional robotics because we have very large sized parts, small batches and singular parts. And it’s difficult to automate the process. And I think that it’s challenging to do it user-friendly and flexible.

I feel comfortable with this consortium. I think that the coordination is being done very well.

From our point of view, the end user’s point of view we are adopting new technologies such as digital twins, artificial intelligence. This all new for us.

We will have more efficient processes, better quality of the finished parts and from the point of view of the human operators, different skills, high-level skills and it will improve the whole process.

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